Speaking of Radio

Chuck Schaden's Conversations with the Stars Who Made it Golden

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Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, August 28th, 1976

VILLAGE STORE (10-30-47) Jack Carson, Eve Arden. “Home Life of Al Jolson” sketch.

LUX RADIO THEATRE (4-2-45) “Swanee River” starring AI Jolson, Frances Gifford, Dennis Morgan. The life story of Stephen Foster, based on the 1939 movie. Guest producer is Walter Houston. (60 min)

CHARLIE MC CARTHY SHOW (5-3-42) Edward Everett Horton, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, Ray Noble and the orchestra

RAY NOBLE AND HIS ORCHESTRA (3-13-35) Dance music from Noble and the band with singer Al Bowlly.

SUSPENSE (3-23-50) “One and One’s A Lonesome” starring Ronald Reagan with Cathy Lewis.

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Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, September 4th, 1976

ARTHUR GODFREY TIME (4-19-72) Arthur recalls the year 1956 and reminisces about Eivis Presley and others.

SUSPENSE (1-10-56) “Two Platinum Capsules” starring Stacy Harris

NBC BANDSTAND (8-30-56) Ralph Flanagan and the orchestra, Bert Parks, Betty Madigan, The Four Lads.

X MINUS ONE (1-10-56) “Colony” starring John Larkin, Fredricas Chandler.

YOUR HIT PARADE (10-13-56) Dorothy Collins, Snooky Lanson, Gisele MacKenzie, Russell Arms, Raymond Scott and the Hit Parade orchestra.

BIOGRAPHY IN SOUND (5-15-56) “A Salute to Network Radio” on the 30th anniversary. H. V. Kaltenborn narrates.

SUSPENSE (7-11-56) “Want Ad” starring Stacy Harris.

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