Speaking of Radio

Chuck Schaden's Conversations with the Stars Who Made it Golden

Coming Soon: May 3 – May 9, 2017


Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, May 3, 1997

SUSPENSE (1-16-47) “Overture in Two Keys” starring Joan Bennett as the wife of a music professor who falls in love with her husband’s student.

ARRIVAL OF THE HINDENBURG (5-6-37, almost exactly 60 years ago) Announcer Herb Morrison, at Lakehurst, New Jersey to record the arrival of the airship Hindenburg from Germany, ends up covering one of the great aviation disasters when the ship explodes and crashes.

EXTRA:  Telephone conversation with Mike Stosich and Karl Pearson who have restored the original disc recording of the Hindenberg disaster.
PLUS: Interview with Rev. Kevin Shanley who, as a youngster in New Jersey, remembers the crash of the Hindenberg.

ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HARRIET (9-16-45) In order to pass the initiation into the Unicorns Lodge, Ozzie must be totally agreeable for twenty-four hours.

GOSSIP CLUB (1930s) Eddie and Fannie Cavanaugh with their guest, Chicago actor Les Tremayne.

PLEASE STAND BY – A History of Radio (1986) Lesson 26: News… the War Years covers the development of news on the air from 1935-1945.

Coming Soon: May 10 – May 16, 2017


Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, May 10, 1997

IMAGINATION THEATRE (5-5-96) 1. “The Bouganville Giant.” Natives on a South Pacific island are terrorized by a swarm of seven-foot moths which rest on an inactive volcano.  2. “Nightmare.”  A sky-diver repeatedly dreams his ‘chute doesn’t open, but his wife awakens him each time before he dreams that he hits the ground.

GREAT GILDERSLEEVE (5-9-43) Summerfield’s water commissioner has plans for a busy day at the office, but Leila – the future Mrs. Gildersleeve – has other plans. Harold Peary stars.

MAN CALLED X (9-18-47) Herbert Marshall stars as the globe-trotting secret agent Ken Thurston.  A plane carrying American scientists is mysteriously lost while flying from Singapore to Manila.

PHIL HARRIS – ALICE FAYE SHOW (10-10-48) Frankie Remley has signed a contract to be the star of the show and is throwing his weight around.

PLEASE STAND B Y – A History of Broadcasting (1986) Lesson 27: Listen and Learn examines the role of education in radio, beginning with college and university educational stations and their conflict with the commercial networks.

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