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Chuck Schaden's Conversations with the Stars Who Made it Golden

Coming Soon: June 28 – July 4, 2017


Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, June 28, 1997

July 1 is Canada Day, so today’s program features performers who were born in Canada.

FORT LARAMIE (4-15-56) Raymond Burr (born in New Wesminster, British Columbia) stars as Capt. Lee Quince of the U.S. Cavalry.  A woman and her daughter, staying at the Fort due to a stagecoach breakdown, are causing problems for the soldiers.

PEOPLE ARE FUNNY (9-19-52) Beginning the tenth season on the air, host Art Linkletter (born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan) puts the contestants thru their paces. One has to go out and borrow a family; another can’t decide between two men who want to marry her.

THE SHADOW (2-15-48) “Terror at Wolf’s Head Knoll” stars Bret Morrison as Lamont Cranston and Grace Matthews (born in Toronto) as the lovely Margo Lane.  When Margo sprains her ankle, she and Lamont seek shelter in a mysterious mansion.

PHILCO RADIO TIME (5-26-48) Excerpt.  Bing Crosby stars with singer-comedienne Bea Lillie (born in Toronto), and pianist Alec Templeton.  Bea offers a travelogue of the USA and the trio sing British Music Hall tunes.

SUSPENSE (11-2-43) “Statement of Employee Henry Wilson” starring Gene Lockhart (born in London, Ontario) as a man who relates and relives the climatic moments in his life.

YOUR HIT PARADE (11-10-45) Joan Edwards and Dick Todd (born in Montreal) sing the top tunes of the week.

Coming Soon: July 5 – July 11, 2017


Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, July 5, 1997

JILL’S ALL-TIME JUKE BOX (12-25-45) GI Jill presents a Christmas edition of her popular program for military audiences, reviewing the hit tunes of holidays past.

SUSPENSE (12-21-50) “A Christmas for Carol” starring Dennis Day as a bank teller who needs money.

CHRISTMAS SEAL SPECIAL (1955) Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy star with Edgar’s nine-year-old daughter Candice.  Candy and Charlie recite “The Night Before Christmas.”

HENRY MORGAN SHOW (12-25-46) Morgan tells the story of kids who go to Washington to get a law passed making every day Christmas.

ADVENTURES OF NERO WOLF (12-22-50) “Case of the Slaughtered Santas” starring Sidney Greenstreet.  A man kills several Santas to cover a murder.

ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HARRIET (12-19-48) The Nelsons agree on a “practical” Christmas gift for the house. It’s a radio-phonograph which will be their gift to each other.

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