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Rita Ascot

Recorded August 01st, 1970 - 44 min

Actress who portrayed Fay, daughter of Ma Perkins while the program originated in Chicago.  In addition, she was heard regularly on scores of  daytime and nighttime shows. She was born January 26, 1907 and was 63 when we interviewed her at Findlay Galleries in Chicago. Joining us was Rita’s longtime friend, Alice Carey Ricca, who worked for many years as a casting director for radio programs originating in the Windy City. Together, they drew a fascinating portrait of the radio days. Rita died March 6, 1988 at age 81.

Ma Perkins - 8/13/48 - Fay has finally decided to marry Carl Michaels

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to Rita Ascot as Fay on Ma Perkins from August 13th, 1948.

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