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Tommy Bartlett

Recorded June 21st, 1985 - 53 min

Genial master of ceremonies whose career began on WISN, Milwaukee.  He soon joined the announcing staff of WBBM in Chicago where he developed his interview skills and went on to host such programs as Meet the Missus and the long-running audience participation show Welcome Travelers. He was born July 11, 1914 and was 70 when we spoke in our Morton Grove, Illinois studio.  He died September 6, 1998 at age 84.

Shopping with the Missus - 10/29/40 - Tommy Bartlett hosts from Gorski Market

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to Tommy Bartlett hosting "Shopping With The Missus" on October 29th, 1940.

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  1. David Matthews says... comment left on September 6, 2013 at 6:49 pm

    Enjoyed the history lesson very much! Thank you. I only wish I could have heard the opening theme song from the 1940s “Welcome Travellers” radio program I used to enjoy as a small lad, with my mother.