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Shirley Bell

Recorded November 10th, 1990 - 68 min

Actress who starred as radio’s Orphan Annie throughout the 1930s.  She was born February 21, 1921 and was 69 when we brought her to the microphone at the Museum of Broadcast Communications for a live broadcast of Those Were The Days.  She spoke of being a child actress and growing up as Annie, that “little chatterbox” of the airwaves. During her visit, we added a special guest, young Erin Simpson, who was appearing in a current theatrical production of “Annie” at the Drury Lane Theatre in suburban Chicago. Shirley Bell died January 12, 2010 at age 88.

Little Orphan Annie - July 1936 - Auction sale of Jed's Showboat

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to Shirley Bell star as Little Orphan Annie in July, 1936.