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Conrad Binyon

Recorded May 18th, 1991 - 27 min

Child actor who appeared on such radio programs as One Man’s Family, Mayor of the Town, Life of Riley and Buster Brown Gang.  He was also featured in many motion pictures as a youngster.  He was born January 30, 1931 and was  60 years old when we met for this chat at the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters’ club room in Hollywood, California.

Mayor Of The Town - 4/15/46 - All on a April Evening

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to Conrad Binyon as "Butch" on a Mayor Of The Town broadcast from 4/15/46.

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  1. Carroll Cooley says... comment left on May 10, 2016 at 9:12 pm

    I was a fellow pilot with Capt. Binyon at Tyndall AFB in 1969. We all enjoyed his stories and his unique sense of humor. I recall one “Happy Hour” at the Officer’s Club Bar he talked with my wife and me and left her extremely impressed with his personality and charm. She had no idea of his background until I later told her. He was a fine pilot and a credit to the Air Force. Hope he is still well.