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Hubert C. Smith

Recorded December 22nd, 1988 - 7 min

During radio’s Truth or Consequences broadcast of December 20, 1947, host Ralph Edwards devoted a lengthy portion of the program to visit hospitalized, disabled World War II Navy veteran Hubert C. Smith, 19, of Greenville, Tennessee for a warmhearted This is Your Life-type segment.  It was a touching and moving program for the Christmas season and many years later we wondered whatever became of Seaman Smith.  We were able to contact him by phone in 1988 and this is our conversation.  He was born in 1928, was 60 years old at the time of our call.  He died in 2006 at age 78.

Truth Or Consequences - 12/20/47 - With Hubert C. Smith

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to WWII Veteran Hubert C. Smith on Truth Or Consequences 12/20/47.