Speaking of Radio

Chuck Schaden's Conversations with the Stars Who Made it Golden


Chicago Actors Panel

Recorded October 22nd, 1970 - 21 min

Three Chicago-based actors who worked on radio during the Golden Age were appearing together in the cast of a stage play at the Drury Lane Theatre in suburban Chicago when we asked them to join us for a conversation about their careers on the air. Maurice Copeland, born in 1911, was 59 at the time we met, and died October 3, 1985 at age 74.  Sidney Breese, born June 4, 1907, was 63 when we spoke, and died March 8, 1997 at age 90.  June Travis, born August 7, 1914, was 56 at the time of our conversation, and died April 14, 2008 at age 93.