Speaking of Radio

Chuck Schaden's Conversations with the Stars Who Made it Golden


Imogene Coca

Recorded June 18th, 1971 - 24 min

Imogene, who co-starred with Sid Caesar on television’s milestone series, Your Show of Shows was in Chicago with her husband, actor King Donovan, for an appearance on Bob Kennedy’s morning TV show, Kennedy and Company. We met them in the Green Room at WLS-TV for a conversation about their careers. Imogene was born November 18, 1908 and was 63 when we spoke.  King was born January 25, 1918 and was 53 when we met.  Imogene Coca died June 2, 2001 at age 92.  King Donovan died June 30, 1987 at age 69.

Imogene Coca – “Your Show Of Shows” – 1950’s