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Janet Waldo & Sam Edwards

Recorded February 19th, 1975 - 47 min

Co-stars on Meet Corliss Archer, they played Corliss and Dexter for many years on the popular comedy series. In addition, Janet appeared on the Ozzie and Harriet program as Emmy Lou and on Lux Radio Theatre broadcasts.  Sam was heard on One Man’s Family and had many roles on Dragnet.  Janet was born February 4, 1920 and was 55 when we had this conversation in her Encino, California home. Sam was born May 26, 1915 and was 59 at the time of this interview.  Sam died on July 28, 2004 at age 89.  Janet died June 12, 2016 at age 96.

Dragnet - 4/6/50 - The Big Book

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to Sam Edwards on Dragnet from April 6th,1950.


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