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Bob Elson

Recorded September 20th, 1980 - 73 min

Veteran Chicago play-by-play sports reporter and Baseball Hall of Famer.  Born March 22, 1904, he was 75 when he joined us on the air for this live interview.  During the conversation we talked about his broadcasting career and presented some examples of his work, including a 1950s broadcast of his program 20th Century Limited, during which he interviewed passengers of the famed train, plus clips of his sportscasts and his talk show from Chicago’s famed Pump Room. Bob Elson died March 10, 1981 at age 76.

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Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to Bob Elson deliver the commercials for Brachs Candy on this program from Chicago which stars Myron (Mike) Wallace as Flamond and features announcer Pierre Andre.