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Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

Recorded October 27th, 1970 - 26 min

Popular motion picture star whose film career spanned more than thirty years. He was born December 9, 1909 and was 61 when we spoke with him in the star suite at the Drury Lane Theatre in suburban Chicago. Among his best remembered films: Dawn Patrol (1930); Prisoner of Zenda (1937); Gunga Din (1939); Sinbad the Sailor (1947). He died May 7, 2000 at age 90.

The Silent Men - 12/2/51 - Death and taxes

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to Douglas Fairbanks Jr starring in his own radio program, "The Silent Men" from December 2nd, 1951.

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  1. Jayjay Epega says... comment left on August 14, 2013 at 10:35 am

    Superb interview. Dazzling “I have prevailed!” smile. Everything about Fairbanks Jr. is exquisite. Did you know in an additional verse to his song “Mad About the Boy,” Noel Coward wrote, “Even Douglas Fairbanks Jr. hasn’t smaller hips.”! Fairbanks Jr. was offered a movie contract as a teenager, much to his father’s annoyance, and he was a sort of doll prince in his first movies. He might have sailed through the rest of his career like a titled person going out to one party after another, enjoying the perks (he certainly enjoyed the companionship of many of the most beautiful women in the world), but there was more to him than that.
    Awesome. The legend lives on through his grandson Dominick – learn more here : http://www.fairbanksproductions.com/fairbanks.html