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Fibber McGee Cast Roundtable

Recorded February 15th, 1974 - 29 min

Following the completion of the recordings for the 1974 series Fibber McGee and the Good Old Days of Radio, we had a rare opportunity to speak with original cast members Jim Jordan (Fibber), Hal Peary (Gildersleeve) and Gale Gordon (Mayor LaTrivia) plus writer Phil Leslie to talk about their experiences working together on one of the best-loved and longest-running comedy shows on the air. This rare informal gathering took place at the studios of Radio Recorders in Hollywood, California.

The complete seven-part series, Fibber McGee and the Good Old Days of Radio along with the conversation with Jim, Hal, Gale, Phil and Chuck, plus Fibber’s favorite McGee show (from 12/26/1939) is available on a set of eight compact discs from the Audio File Nostalgia Shop when you go to the section on Specials and Documentaries.