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Greg Garrison

Recorded August 05th, 1976 - 44 min

Pioneer TV producer-director whose productions included Your Show of Shows, the Kate Smith Show, Milton Berle Buick Show, Texaco Star Theatre, the Dean Martin Show and the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts. He was born February 20, 1924 and was 52 when we spoke with him in advance of his 1976 prime time salute to the Peacock Network’s history, NBC – the First Fifty Years. He died March 25, 2005 at age 81.

Dimension - 4/29/68 - Greg Garrison (CBS Radio Network)

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to "Dimension" and a five minute report on Greg Garrison over the CBS Radio Network, April 29th, 1968.

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  1. Michael Simons says... comment left on February 16, 2012 at 12:13 pm

    I had forgotten how much I enjoyed these daily CBS features. It’s a shame that most of their features run under two minutes!