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Chuck Schaden's Conversations with the Stars Who Made it Golden


Toni Gilman

Recorded October 24th, 1998 - 33 min

Actress whose career began in Chicago where she appeared in Irna Phillips’ daytime serial Painted Dreams, as well as Little Orphan Annie, Myrt and Marge, and First Nighter. She was born June 2, 1920 and was 78 when we spoke with her at the Friends of Old Time Radio convention in Newark, New Jersey. She died March 23, 2017 at age 96.

Texaco Town - 10/18/36 - Putting Texaco Town on the map

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to Toni Gilman as she makes a short appearance as Mrs. Jimmy Wallington on Texaco Town from October 18th, 1936.