Speaking of Radio

Chuck Schaden's Conversations with the Stars Who Made it Golden


Virginia Gregg

Recorded March 14th, 1984 - 23 min

One of the busiest actresses on the air during the radio days, appearing on such shows as Lux Radio Theatre, Ellery Queen, Richard Diamond and One Man’s Family.  She was born March 6, 1916 and was 68 when we met at a Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters meeting and arranged to talk about her career at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  She died September 15, 1986 at age 70.

Richard Diamond - 10/2/50 - Pete Rocco Escapes Prison

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to Richard Diamond Private Detective from October 2nd, 1950. Virginia Gregg stars as "Helen," Diamond's girlfriend in a episode titled "Pete Rocco Escapes Prison".