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Chuck Schaden's Conversations with the Stars Who Made it Golden


Dick Jurgens

Recorded November 04th, 1970 - 11 min

Bandleader whose popular style of music began in the 1930s and continued well into the 1970s. He was born January 9, 1910 and was 60 when we met him between sets at the Willowbrook Ballroom in suburban Chicago. He was a particular favorite of Midwest dancers who returned faithfully year after year to the Windy City’s Aragon Ballroom and, long after the “big band era”, to wherever he played in Chicagoland.  He died October 5, 1995 at age 85.

Dick Jurgens and his Orchestra - 10/9/49 - Treasury Program, ABC

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to Dick Jurgens and his Orchestra on the Treasury Program, October 9th, 1949.

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