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Elliot Lewis

Elliot Lewis

Recorded August 27th, 1975 - 47 min

Actor, writer, producer, director during the golden years.  He co-starred on the Phil Harris – Alice Faye Show as Frankie Remley and did a great amount of radio work before the microphones and behind the scenes.  He was working on some special writing projects when we met at his office on the Paramount Pictures lot in Hollywood, California.  He was born November 28, 1917 and was 57 at the time of our interview.  He died May 20, 1990 at age 72.

Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show - 2/20/49 - Frankie Moves In

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to Elliot Lewis as Frankie Remley on the Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show February 20th, 1949.