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Chuck Schaden's Conversations with the Stars Who Made it Golden


Rose Marie

Recorded April 14th, 1971 - 22 min

Known as Baby Rose Marie, she was a child star on radio during the 1930s and as she grew up she became a variety entertainer, comedienne and actress.  She was born August 15, 1923 and was 47 when we spoke with her backstage after a performance at the Pheasant Run Playhouse in Suburban Chicago. She told how she made the transition to television in a big way when she landed a role on the now-classic Dick Van Dyke Show.

Bing Crosby Show - 4/25/51 - with Rose Marie and Louis Armstrong

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to Rose Marie as a guest on the Bing Crosby Show from April 25th, 1951.