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Freddy Martin

Recorded October 21st, 1970 - 14 min

Saxophonist who formed his first band in 1931 and went on to become leader of one of the most popular orchestras playing in popular venues across the country. He was born December 9, 1906 and was 63 when we talked about his career between sets at the Willowbrook Ballroom in suburban Chicago. In addition to playing on numerous radio band remotes, he had a number of regularly scheduled programs on radio, including Penthouse Serenade, Fitch Bandwagon and as the band on the Jack Carson Show. He died September 30, 1983 at age 76.

Freddy Martin and his Orchestra - 3/29/44 - One Night Stand 15

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to Freddy Martin and his Orchestra in a One Night Stand broadcast from March 29th, 1944.