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Chuck Schaden's Conversations with the Stars Who Made it Golden


Marvin Miller

Recorded November 23rd, 1973 - 91 min

One of radio’s foremost announcers and actors, he also appeared in many motion pictures and on television, most notably as Michael Anthony, the man who distributed million dollar checks on the TV series “The Millionaire.”  He was in Chicago for some personal appearances and visited our morning Hall Closet program on WLTD.  He was scheduled to be with us for 15 minutes, but stayed for an hour and a half, talking about his career during the great radio days and beyond. Marvin Miller was born July 18, 1913 and was 60 at the time of our conversation.  He died February 8, 1985 at age 72.

Railroad Hour 1/14/52 - I Married An Angel

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