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Everett Mitchell

Recorded July 17th, 1984 - 59 min

He had an important role in the development of radio station WENR, Chicago and he also was known from coast-to-coast as the personable host of the long-running NBC network series, The National Farm and Home Hour (1932-1960). He was born March 15, 1898 and was 85 when he came to our Morton Grove, Illinois studio for a conversation with him and his biographer, Richard Crabb, author of “Radio’s Beautiful Day” During the Depression days of the 1930s, Mitchell opened each program with the encouraging words, “It’s a beautiful day in Chicago. It is a great day to be alive, and I hope it is even more beautiful wherever you are.” He died November 12, 1990 at age 92.

National Farm and Home Hour - 6/14/52 - Atoms for Agriculture

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to Everett Mitchell on the "National Farm and Home Hour" from June 14th, 1952.