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Ricardo Montalban

Recorded February 15th, 1977 - 19 min

Latin-American actor in such American films as Neptune’s Daughter (1949); Battleground (1950); Latin Lovers (1954); Sayonara (1957) Sweet Charity (1968) and appeared in hundreds of TV dramas and comedies, eventually starring as Mr. Roark in his own series, the long-running Fantasy Island (1977-1984). He was born November 25, 1920 and was 56 when we spoke at the Drury Lane Theatre in Chicago. He died January 14, 2009 at age 88.

Lux Radio Theatre - 2/12/51 - Battleground (Body of show only)

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to Ricardo Montalban on the Lux Radio Theatre presentation of "Battleground" from February 12th, 1951.

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