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Chuck Schaden's Conversations with the Stars Who Made it Golden


Ken Murray

Recorded August 06th, 1971 - 56 min

Entertainer/producer who worked in vaudeville, cabaret theatre (“Blackouts” 1942-1949) on radio and on television in his own series, The Ken Murray Show (1950-1953). He was born July 14, 1903 and was 67 when we interviewed him in Chicago while he was on a tour promoting his book about William Randolph Hearst’s castle, “The Golden Days of San Simeon.” He died October 12, 1988 at age 85.

Texaco Star Theatre - 11/22/39 - Ken Murray is Hollywood host

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to Ken Murray as he hosts the Texaco Star Theatre from November 22nd, 1939.

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