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Alice Reinheart

Alice Reinheart

Recorded August 03rd, 1976 - 39 min

Actress who starred as Carol “Chichi” Conrad on Life Can Be Beautiful, one of radio’s longest-running soap operas and just one of scores of radio dramas on which she appeared.  She was born May 6, 1910 and was 66 when we visited her at her Hollywood, California home.   She died on June 10, 1993 at age 83.

Life Can Be Beautiful - 12/10/46 - Chichi is ashamed she's poor

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to Alice Reinheart as Carol "Chichi" Conrad on Life Can Be Beautiful from December 10th, 1946.

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  1. brian johnson says... comment left on November 20, 2011 at 1:27 am

    i enjoyed this interview very much. Chichi is a very nice lady. I remember as a little boy growing up in the Caribbean listening to Life Can Be Beautiful with my mother and neighbours. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. What a beautiful time. Life was so simple and peaceful then.