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Quiz Kid Ruth Duskin

Recorded November 06th, 1982 - 115 min

Ruth Duskin Feldman, author of the book “Whatever Happened to the Quiz Kids” joined us “live” in our Those Were The Days studio to talk about the success of the popular family radio program.  Ruth became a Quiz Kid at age 7 in 1941. During the course of our lengthy conversation we were joined on the telephone by former Quiz Kid Vanessa Brown and, later, in person by their former radio classmate Lon Lunde.  This interview includes the complete Quiz Kids broadcast of May 16, 1943 with Chief Quizzer Joe Kelly and “guest quizzer” Bing Crosby. She was born in 1934 and was 48 at the time of our interview. She died May 18, 2015 at ago 80.

Jack Benny Show 5/12/46 - with the Quiz Kids

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to Ruth Duskin on the Jack Benny Program, with Jack's guests the Quiz Kids from Mother's Day, May 12, 1946.

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