Speaking of Radio

Chuck Schaden's Conversations with the Stars Who Made it Golden


Del Sharbutt

Recorded June 15th, 1988 - 62 min

One of radio’s top announcers during the golden age and beyond.  He was born February 16, 1910 and was 78 when we had this conversation in his Palm Desert, California home. His voice was heard on such programs as Your Hit Parade, The Jack Benny Program, and Hobby Lobby. He was the man who developed “M-m-m-m good!” for Campbell’s Soup.  He died April 26, 2002 at age 92.

Your Hit Parade - 9/11/48 - Starring Frank Sinatra

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to Del Sharbutt as announcer on "Your Hit Parade" from September 11th, 1948.