Speaking of Radio

Chuck Schaden's Conversations with the Stars Who Made it Golden


Ray Singer

Recorded June 16th, 1988 - 26 min

Comedy writer best known for his scripts (with Dick Chevillat) for the Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show on radio.  He also wrote for Bing Crosby, Milton Berle, Rudy Vallee, Joan Davis and Jack Haley before moving to TV and films. He was born October 24, 1916 and was 72 at the time of our visit in his Beverly Hills, California home.  He died November 16, 1992 at age 76.

Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show - 1/30/40 - Volunteer Fire Chief

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to a Phil Harris-Alice Faye Program co-written by Ray Singer from January 30th, 1949.