Speaking of Radio

Chuck Schaden's Conversations with the Stars Who Made it Golden


Radio Stars Party

Recorded June 16th, 1970 - 62 min

When a Chicago restaurant decided to host a party for the local stars of Windy City broadcasts from the “old-time radio days,” we were invited to  interview many of those who attended. Here are conversations with John Gannon and Sarajane Wells (Jack Armstrong); Ann Marie Gayer (Woman in White); George Gilbert (Sky King); Shirley Bell (Orphan Annie); Norman Gottschalk (Chandu the Magician); Parl Barnes (Captain Midnight); Harry Elders (Curtain Time); Phil Bowman, Elmira Roessler and Jean David (Ma Perkins). That’s Ellen and Chuck Schaden at the party in the photo here and there’s a story and more photos on this website’s Scrapbook page.