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Chuck Schaden's Conversations with the Stars Who Made it Golden


Russell Thorson & Jim Boles

Recorded August 09th, 1976 - 39 min

These two radio performers worked together for many years on I Love a Mystery; Russ was Jack Packard and Jim was Doc Long.  Russ, who also played Paul Barbour on One Man’s Family, was born October 14, 1906 and was 69 at the time of our conversation.  Jim, who also appeared in Land of the Lost and many other shows, was born February 28, 1914 and was 63 at the time we spoke in his Sherman Oaks, California home.  Mr. Thorson died July 6, 1982 at age 75.  Mr. Boles died May 26, 1977 at age 63.

I Love A Mystery - 11/16/49 - The thing that cries in the night (Chapter 13)

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to Russell Thorson as "Jack Packard" in "The Thing that Cries in the Night" (Chapter 13), an I Love A Mystery adventure from November 16th, 1949.