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Les Tremayne

Recorded December 12th, 1973 - 44 min

Versatile actor who carved a great career for himself in radio, beginning in Chicago and starring for many years on the popular First Nighter program, and continuing with appearances on thousands of broadcasts including The Thin Man, Grand Hotel, Betty and Bob and The Falcon.  He was born April 16, 1913 and was 60 at the time we met in Hollywood, California during which he said that for two solid years in Chicago he did “45 shows a week, every week.” He died December 19,  2003 at age 90.

Les Tremayne was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1995.

The Thin Man - 7/13/48 - The Haunted Hams

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to Les Tremayne as Nick Charles in "The Thin Man" from July 13th, 1948.

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