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Bea Wain & Andre Baruch

Recorded June 17th, 1988 - 80 min

She sang with Larry Clinton’s orchestra and appeared on many radio programs including   Your Hit Parade.  He was a major network announcer working on a variety of coast-to-coast broadcasts such as Your Hit Parade, Myrt and Marge and The Shadow.  During the declining years of the big bands and network radio, the husband and wife team of Bea and Andre appeared on radio as Mr. and Mrs. Music and  later as hosts of an “original recording” revival of Your Hit Parade.  He was born August 20, 1906 and she was born April 30, 1917.  He was 81 and she was 70 when this conversation was recorded in their Beverly Hills, California home just a few days after celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. He died September 15, 1991 at age 85. She died August 19, 2017 at age 100.

Your All Time Hit Parade - 4/2/44 - First Tune is .. With Plenty of Money and You

Did you enjoy the interview? Listen to Bea Wain at Carnegie Hall on Your All Time Hit Parade from April 2nd, 1944.