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* denotes Nostalgia Newsletter and Nostalgia Digest Covers, 1974-2005

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ABBOTT AND COSTELLO SHOW 1/6/44 Guest is Judy Canova * from Cover Story
ABBOTT AND COSTELLO SHOW 6/8/44 Who’s On First segment Elvia Allman
ABBOTT AND COSTELLO SHOW 12/12/46 Going Hunting * from Cover Story
ABBOTT AND COSTELLO SHOW 8/12/48 Guest is Susan Miller * from Cover Story
ACADEMY AWARD 9/11/46 Shadow of a Doubt Joseph Cotton
ADVENTURES OF SAM SPADE 8/1/48 Dry Martini Caper Howard Duff
ADVENTURES OF SAM SPADE 6/19/49 Apple of Eve Caper * from Cover Story
ALAN YOUNG SHOW 12/18/45 Alan proposes to Betty Jim Backus
ALDRICH FAMILY 10/28/48 Detention or basketball game? Ezra Stone
AMAZING MR. MALONE 8/28/48 Cleanliness is next to Godliness Dressar Dahlsted
AMOS ‘N’ ANDY 6/21/29 News about Ruby * from Cover Story
AMOS ‘N’ ANDY 6/28/29 Money Troubles * from Cover Story
AMOS ‘N’ ANDY 1932 Opening theme Leon Lichtenfeld
AMOS ‘N’ ANDY 10/31/48 The Secret Melody * from Cover Story
AMOS ‘N’ ANDY 2/19/50 Sapphire goes to Florida * from Cover Story
ANDERSON FAMILY 1947 Mr. Oliver to be on the radio Ray Erlenborn
ARBOGAST PROGRAM 11/1/51 Zany comedy and statire Bob Arbogast
ARCH OBOLERS PLAYS 6/7/45 Night * from Cover Story
ARCHIE ANDREWS 9/18/48 Archie falls for teacher Harlan Stone
ARCHIE ANDREWS 11/20/48 Guests coming for dinner Bob Hastings
ARE YOU A GENIUS? 1/12/44 Program 112 (AFRS) Mel Blanc
ARTHUR GODFREY SHOW 4/25/72 Looking back at 1950 * from Cover Story
AVALON TIME 8/19/39 Starring Red Skelton * from Cover Story
BACKSTAGE WIFE Episode 11 Vivian Fridell
BIG SHOW 1/7/51 Danny Thomas is guest Danny Thomas
BIG TOWN 2/8/49 Death at the Wheel Casey Allen
BILL STERN SPORTS NEWSREEL 9/6/46 Guest is Sammy Kaye * from Cover Story
BING CROSBY SHOW 9/2/31 First Show * from Cover Story
BING CROSBY SHOW 12/22/50 Dixie Lee Crosby and the kids * from Cover Story
BING CROSBY SHOW 4/25/51 Guests Rose Marie, Louis Armstrong Rose Marie
BING CROSBY SHOW 11/28/51 Guest is Ella Fitzgerald * from Cover Story
BING CROSBY SHOW 12/19/51 Guest is Lindsay Crosby * from Cover Story
BING CROSBY SHOW 10/9/52 Guests Jane Wyman, Joe Venuti Ken Carpenter
BOB BURNS SHOW 3/24/42 with Una Merkle * from Cover Story
BOB CROSBY SHOW 3/5/44 Guest Gail Robbins Les Tremayne
BOB CROSBY ORCHESTRA 2/23/46 From the Hollywood Palladium * from Cover Story
BOB HOPE SHOW 10/17/44 From Stockton Air Field * from Cover Story
BOB HOPE SHOW 2/6/45 Memphis Naval Base Wendell Niles
BOB HOPE SHOW 3/5/46 Guest David Niven * from Cover Story
BOB HOPE SHOW 12/6/49 Guest Jack Benny * from Cover Story
BOB HOPE SHOW 4/10/51 Guest Hedy Lamarr * from Cover Story
BOB HOPE SHOW 1/28/53 Guest is Jimmy Stewart from Cover Story
BOBBY WHITE AUDIO 1940’S We The People Robert White
BREAKFAST CLUB 1950’s Temperature is falling * from Cover Story
BUCK ROGERS 4/4/39 Origin Episode * from Cover Story
BURNS AND ALLEN 9/13/43 Guest is Brian Donlevy * from Cover Story
BURNS AND ALLEN 11/8/45 George lands movie role * from Cover Story
BURNS AND ALLEN 5/12/49 George On Television * from Cover Story
CAMPBELL PLAYHOUSE 12/23/38 A Christmas Carol * from Cover Story
CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT 2/16/43 Trapped by the Nazis Jack Bivans
CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT 8/14/46 Double cross Ed Prentiss
CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT 9/27/49 The Flying Ruby Art Hern
CARNATION CONTENTED HOUR 8/15/49 With Buddy Clark and Margaret Whiting Margaret Whiting
CAVALCADE OF AMERICA 9/13/43 Iron Camels Pat O’Brien
CHARLIE MC CARTHY SHOW 12/3/44 Guest Don Ameche Edgar Bergen
CHARLIE MC CARTHY SHOW 12/24/44 The Night Before Christmas * from Cover Story
CHARLIE MC CARTHY SHOW 11/23/47 guest Carmen Miranda * from Cover Story
CHARLIE MC CARTHY SHOW 12/19/48 Guest is Mario Lanza * from Cover Story
CHARLIE MC CARTHY SHOW 12/26/48 Last show for NBC * from Cover Story
CHARLIE MC CARTHY SHOW 10/5/52 Guest Rosemary Clooney Bill Baldwin
CHASE 11/16/52 My Love is a Ghost Anne Seymour
CINNAMON BEAR 11/21/71 Chapter 1 Terry Black
CONCERT HALL 1940’s 1st song – Spanish Serenade Jack Brown
CRIME FILES OF FLAMOND 4/25/48 Case of the Ruinous Report Bob Elson
CRIME ON THE WATERFRONT 2/24/49 Audition show Mike Wallace
CHRISTMAS STOCKING 12/24/44 Christmas Eve (AFRS) Ginger Rogers
D-DAY INVASION COVERAGE 6/4/44 NBC Network, 9:05am Ed Haacker
DANNY KAYE SHOW 2/24/45 Danny’s Playhouse Hal Kanter
DIAL DAVE GARROWAY 9/7/50 With Connie Russell and Jack Haskell Dave Garroway
DIMENSION 4/29/68 CBS Radio Network Greg Garrison
DRAGNET 4/6/50 The Big Book Sam Edwards
DUFFY’S TAVERN 3/30/49 Jimmy Durante and Ann Sothern Florence Halop
EDDIE CANTOR SHOW 10/18/36 Putting Texaco Town on the map Toni Gilman
EDDIE CANTOR SHOW 12/27/44 New Years Show * from Cover Story
EDDIE CANTOR SHOW 1/30/47 Eddie’s 55th Birthday * from Cover Story
EDDIE CANTOR SHOW 11/6/47 Presidential Candidate * from Cover Story
EDWARD R. MURROW 1/14/41 From London * from Cover Story
ESCAPE 7/4/48 A Tooth for Paul Revere Ivan Ditmars
ETHEL AND ALBERT 12/14/49 Duck hunting Peg Lynch
EVERYTHING FOR THE BOYS 6/20/44 Dick Haymes and Helen Forrest Dick Haymes
FAT MAN 7/22/49 Murder is the medium * from Cover Story
FIBBER MC GEE AND MOLLY 4/26/37 Leaving for Hollywood Hugh Studebaker
FIBBER MC GEE AND MOLLY 4/29/41 Fibber gets stuck in asphalt Jim Jordan
FIBBER MC GEE AND MOLLY 11/11/41 Attending premiere of Look Who’s Laughing * from Cover Story
FIBBER MC GEE AND MOLLY 11/18/41 Mayor LaTrivia won’t leave! Gale Gordon
FIBBER MC GEE AND MOLLY 12/15/42 Misplaced Christmas Money * from Cover Story
FIBBER MC GEE AND MOLLY 3/16/43 McGee’s Horoscope * from Cover Story
FIBBER MC GEE AND MOLLY 5/9/44 Alice’s Boyfriend Shirley Mitchell
FIBBER MC GEE AND MOLLY 2/5/46 Ice Skating * from Cover Story
FIBBER MCGEE AND MOLLY 1/24/50 Selling McGee a suit * from Cover Story
FIBBER MC GEE AND MOLLY 1/1/52 New Year’s Day Visiting Jim Jordan
FIBBER MC GEE AND MOLLY RE-CREATION 4/28/90 TWTD 20th Anniversary Jim Jordan Jr.
FIRE CHIEF 11/15/32 From Cleveland * from Cover Story
FIRST NIGHTER 2/19/48 Or Bury Me Not Barbara Luddy
FIRST NIGHTER 1/6/53 A Good Joe Olan Soule
FLEISCHMANN’S YEAST HOUR 6/25/36 Rudy Vallee, Bert Lahr Rudy Vallee
FRED ALLEN SHOW 3/20/40 Eagle gets loose in the studio Harry Von Zell
FRED ALLEN SHOW 2/6/44 Guest is James Melton Alan Reed
FRED ALLEN SHOW 5/7/44 Guest is George Jessel * from Cover Story
FRED ALLEN SHOW 5/12/46 Guest is Sidney Greenstreet * from Cover Story
FRED ALLEN SHOW 4/11/48 Guest is Basil Rathbone * from Cover Story
GANGBUSTERS 3/16/46 Case of the Death Mask Killer Barney Beck
GENE AUTRY’S MELODY RANCH 9/30/50 Caleb Hooten * from Cover Story
GENE AUTRY’S MELODY RANCH 8/1/52 From Illinois State Fairgrounds Pat Buttram
GLAMOUR MANOR 6/10/46 Circus comes to town Tyler McVey
GLENN MILLER AAF BAND 1944 Music from America * from Cover Story
GLOBE THEATER 12/23/44 A Christmas Carol * from Cover Story
GOLDBERGS 12/11/40 Sylvester Talks * from Cover Story
GRAND CENTRAL STATION 12/24/49 Miracle for Christmas Mason Adams
GRAND MARQUEE 7/10/47 Here We Go Again Olan Soule
GREAT GILDERSLEEVE 11/9/41 Birdie Quits Lillian Randolph
GREAT GILDERSLEEVE 5/31/42 Dinner for Judge Hooker Harold Peary
GREAT GILDERSLEEVE 9/6/50 First show with Willard Waterman * from Cover Story
GREAT GILDERSLEEVE 9/26/51 Marjorie takes a job with Gildy Mary Lee Robb
GREAT GILDERSLEEVE 4/28/54 Gildy swears off girls Willard Waterman
GUEST STAR 5/5/57 Perry Como * from Cover Story
GUNSMOKE 12/13/52 Post Martin * from Cover Story
GUNSMOKE 1/15/55 Chester’s Murder Parley Baer
H. LESLIE ATLASS TRIBUTE 11/18/60 Tribute to WBBM Founder WBBM 70th Anniversary Roundtable
HENRY MORGAN SHOW 3/26/47 Dedicated to American Landlords * from Cover Story
HOLLYWOOD STAR TIME 3/17/46 Cafe Metropole Cesar Romero
HOUSE PARTY 2/4/49 Art Linkletter’s daytime show John Guedel
HOUSE PARTY 12/25/63 Art Linkletter’s daytime show * from Cover Story
HOWARD MILLER SHOW 7/26/55 Marion Marlowe guests Marion Marlowe
H.V. KALTENBORN 9/29/48 Berlin Airlift * from Cover Story
I LOVE A MYSTERY 1/2/50 Temple of the Vampires, Chapter 1 Jim Boles
I LOVE A MYSTERY 11/11/49 The thing that cries in the night, Chapter 10 Tony Randall
I LOVE A MYSTERY 11/14/49 The thing that cries in the night, Chapter 11 Mercedes McCambridge
I LOVE A MYSTERY 11/15/49 The thing that cries in the night, Chapter 12 Carlton E. Morse
I LOVE A MYSTERY 11/16/49 The thing that cries in the night, Chapter 13 Russell Thorson
I WAS A COMMUNIST FOR FBI 2/18/53 The Black Gospel Jonathan Hole
INNER SANCTUM 5/15/45 The Black Art Himan Brown
JACK ARMSTRONG 1/3/34 Reaches the Pelican John Gannon
JACK ARMSTRONG 12/2/40 Country of the Headhunters Episode 1 Sarajane Wells
JACK BENNY PROGRAM 6/6/37 Rochester’s first appearance * from Cover Story
JACK BENNY PROGRAM 10/24/37 Jack buys the Maxwell * from Cover Story
JACK BENNY PROGRAM 12/12/37 Christmas shopping Frank Nelson
JACK BENNY PROGRAM 2/14/43 Birthday greetings for Jack * from Cover Story
JACK BENNY PROGRAM 5/28/44 Guest is Danny Kaye * from Cover Story
JACK BENNY PROGRAM 11/5/44 Jack and Mary go see the Great Dunninger Larry Stevens
JACK BENNY PROGRAM 12/23/45 Ronald Colman visits * from Cover Story
JACK BENNY SHOW 2/17/46 Rochester lost at sea * from Cover Story
JACK BENNY PROGRAM 1/23/49 Don won’t sign his contract Don Wilson
JACK BENNY PROGRAM 2/13/49 Tomorrow is Jack’s birthday Jack Benny
JACK BENNY PROGRAM 2/20/49 Horn Blows at Midnight * from Cover Story
JACK BENNY PROGRAM 4/10/49 Dennis dreams he’s the star of the show Dennis Day
JACK BENNY PROGRAM 2/12/50 Spoof on Allen’s Alley * from Cover Story
JACK BENNY PROGRAM 12/17/50 Christmas Shopping * from Cover Story
JACK BENNY PROGRAM 6/3/51 Jack introduces his cast George Balzer
JACK BENNY PROGRAM 3/16/52 IRS pays Jack a visit Milt Josefsberg
JACK BENNY PROGRAM 1/25/53 Cast goes to the racetrack Sheldon Leonard
JACK BENNY PROGRAM 2/22/53 Bing Crosby is guest * from Cover Story
JACK BENNY PROGRAM 3/1/53 The Beavers put on a stage show Beverly Washburn
JACK BENNY PROGRAM 2/13/55 Jacks surprise birthday party from Cover Story
JACK CARSON SHOW 6/25/47 Packing for vacation * from Cover Story
JERGEN’S JOURNAL 7/15/45 Walter Winchell Bob Thomas
JIMMY DURANTE SHOW 12/24/47 Margaret O’Brien is guest Candy Candido
JIMMY DURANTE SHOW 2/25/48 Guest is Victor Moore * from Cover Story
JIMMY DURANTE SHOW 4/28/48 Guest is Lucille Ball * from Cover Story
JIMMY DURANTE SHOW 5/26/48 with Victor Moore Phil Cohan
KATE SMITH SHOW 12/24/44 With Jackie Gleason * from Cover Story
KATE SMITH SHOW 5/24/46 Kate Smith
Kay Kysers Kollege of Musical Knowledge 1/19/44 AFRS * from Cover Story
Kay Kysers Kollege of Musical Knowledge 10/11/44 AFRS * from Cover Story
KRAFT MUSIC HALL 4/30/42 Bing Crosby, Susan Hayward, Gene Tunny John Scott Trotter
KRAFT MUSIC HALL 4/13/44 Bing Crosby with guest Bob Hope Carroll Carroll
KRAFT MUSIC HALL 5/20/48 Guest is Henry Morgan from Cover Story
KRAFT MUSIC HALL 4/14/49 Guest is Margaret Whiting from Cover Story
KUKLA, FRAN AND OLLIE 10/13/52 Chicago radio version of TV show Fran Allison
KUP’S COLUMN OF THE AIR 4/23/50 Guest is Frankie Laine Irv Kupcinet
LEO IS ON THE AIR 1939 Wizard of Oz * from Cover Story
LETS PRETEND 6/5/54 Beauty and the Beast Arthur Anderson
LIFE CAN BE BEAUTIFUL 12/10/46 Chichi is ashamed that she’s poor Alice Reinhart
LIFE OF RILEY 4/12/47 Peg’s old boy friend visits Paula Winslowe
LIFE OF RILEY 1/17/48 Excessive telephone use * from Cover Story
LIFE WITH LUIGI 8/22/50 On the train to Buffalo Hans Conried
LIFEBUOY PROGRAM 10/18/38 Starring Al Jolson * from Cover Story
LIGHTS OUT 12/15/42 Knock at the Door Arch Oboler
LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE 7/1/36 Auction sale of Jed’s Showboat Shirley Bell
LIVES OF HARRY LIME 8/3/51 Too Many Crooks * from Cover Story
LONE RANGER 1/24/38 Silver Mine Surprise * from Cover Story
LONE RANGER 3/22/50 Doc Stevens * from Cover Story
LONE RANGER 4/27/55 Dan Reid’s fight for life Ernie Winstanley
LUCKY LADIES 8/20/55 Schoenwald Certified Supermarket Mal Bellairs
LUM AND ABNER 7/10/47 Lum has a mysterious box * from Cover Story
LUX RADIO THEATRE 4/18/38 Mad About Music * from Cover Story
LUX RADIO THEATRE 1/29/40 Intermetzzo * from Cover Story
LUX RADIO THEATRE 6/26/44 Christmas in July John M. Kennedy
LUX RADIO THEATRE 2/12/51 Battleground Ricardo Montalban
MA PERKINS Episode 720 * from Cover Story
MA PERKINS 8/13/48 Fay decides to marry Carl Michaels Rita Ascot
MAJOR BOWES ORIGINAL AMATEUR HOUR 9/8/35 Frank Sinatras first radio appearance * from Cover Story
MARVEL NEWS PROGRAM 2/9/43 5 minutes of news Fahey Flynn
MAYOR OF THE TOWN 4/15/46 All on an April evening Conrad Binyon
MEET CORLISS ARCHER Corliss has seen Romeo and Juliet Janet Waldo
MEL BLANC SHOW 2/25/47 Vaudeville team Mel Blanc
MERCURY THEATRE ON THE AIR 10/30/38 War of the Worlds Howard Koch
MEREDITH WILLSON’S MUSIC REVIEW 8/13/40 program 7 * from Cover Story
MGM THEATER OF THE AIR 6/2/50 Joe Smith – American * from Cover Story
MILTON BERLE SHOW 8/5/47 Salute to the Great Outdoors Milton Berle
MOREY AMSTERDAM SHOW 5/6/48 CBS Closed Circuit Preview Morey Amsterdam
MR. AND MRS. NORTH 2/2/44 The Mistaken Countess Alice Frost
MR. DISTRICT ATTORNEY 5/7/47 Case of One Slip Meant Death Jay Jostyn
MUSIC WAGON 2/22/62 Carmel Quinn is guest Carmel Quinn
MY FAVORITE HUSBAND 1/27/50 Liz writes a song * from Cover Story
MYSTERY HOUSE 4/21/46 Murder takes practice Michael Rye
NATIONAL BARN DANCE 8/22/42 From the Wisconsin State Fair * from Cover Story
NATIONAL FARM AND HOME HOUR 6/14/52 Atoms For Agriculture Everett Mitchell
OLD GOLD SHOW 11/19/47 The Bickersons Don Ameche
ON A NOTE OF TRIUMPH 5/8/45 WW II Victory in Europe Norman Corwin
ON STAGE 4/16/53 Statement of fact * from Cover Story
ONE MAN’S FAMILY 7/4/49 A Re-introduction to the Barbour Family Barbara Fuller
ORIGINAL YOUTH OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM First contestant is Lillian Harris Horace Heidt
OUR MISS BROOKS 2/20/49 The Frog * from Cover Story
OUR MISS BROOKS 3/20/49 Who’s sending poetry to Harriet Conklin? Gloria McMillan
OUR MISS BROOKS 1/29/50 School on Saturday Eve Arden
OUR MISS BROOKS 2/14/54 Stretch is in love * from Cover Story
OZZIE AND HARRIET 2/27/49 Ozzie The Banker * from Cover Story
OZZIE AND HARRIET 3/6/49 Ozzie and the crystal ball * from Cover Story
PEOPLE ARE FUNNY 10/27/53 A woman pretends to be married Art Linkletter
PHIL HARRIS-ALICE FAYE SHOW 12/5/48 Alice pretends to be married to Frankie Alice Faye
PHIL HARRIS-ALICE FAYE SHOW 1/30/49 Volunteer Fire Chief Ray Singer
PHIL HARRIS-ALICE FAYE SHOW 2/20/49 Frankie moves in Elliot Lewis
PHIL HARRIS-ALICE FAYE SHOW 10/30/49 Julius’ first love * from Cover Story
PHIL HARRIS-ALICE FAYE SHOW 1/1/50 Singing lessons Phil Harris
PHILCO RADIO TIME 10/16/46 First Show For Philco * from Cover Story
PHILCO RADIO TIME 3/9/49 Phil Harris and Elliot Lewis * from Cover Story
QUIZ KIDS 4/18/48 The New Look Quiz Kids Reunion
RADIO HALL OF FAME 2/6/44 Martha Raye is guest Martha Raye
RAILROAD HOUR 1/14/52 I Married An Angel Marvin Miller
RED RYDER 3/10/42 Dobie Town Tommy Cook
RED SKELTON SHOW 11/26/46 Dinner with friends * from Cover Story
RED SKELTON SHOW 12/19/51 The Little Christmas Tree Lurene Tuttle
RICHARD DIAMOND 10/2/50 Pete Rocco Escapes Prison Virginia Gregg
ROGERS OF THE GAZETTE 12/2/53 The longest week of the year Dick Beals
ROSA RIO TIME 7/1/47 Rosa Rio at the organ Rosa Rio
ROY ROGERS SHOW 5/8/45 VE Day Program from Cover Story
ROY ROGERS SHOW 11/16/51 Lawmans Badge from Cover Story
SAD SACK 8/13/46 Runs for mayor Herb Vigran
SAINT 4/1/51 College Campus Threat Vincent Price
SCREEN DIRECTORS PLAYHOUSE 5/8/49 It’s a Wonderful Life * from Cover Story
SCREEN DIRECTORS PLAYHOUSE 12/23/49 Miracle on 34th Street * from Cover Story
SEALTEST VILLAGE STORE 11/15/45 George Raft is guest (AFRS) Jack Haley
SHADOW 8/7/38 The Creeper * from Cover Story
SHADOW 4/13/41 Death on the rails Ken Roberts
SHADOW 11/23/47 Comic Strip Killer Andre Baruch
SHADOW 11/30/47 Murder and the Medium * from Cover Story
SHADOW 2/29/48 The Man Who Was Death Bret Morrison
SHELL CHATEAU 9/28/35 Guest Ginger Rogers * from Cover Story
SHERLOCK HOLMES 12/10/45 A Scandal In Bohemia * from Cover Story
SHOPPING WITH THE MISSUS 10/29/40 From Gorski Market Tommy Bartlett
SILENT MEN 12/2/51 Death and Taxes Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
SIX SHOOTER 10/4/53 The Stampede * from Cover Story
SONGS BY SINATRA 2/13/46 Guest is Jack Carson from Cover Story
SONGS BY SINATRA 3/20/46 Guest Van Johnson Van Johnson
SPORTS MEMORY LANE 10/14/47 Jack Brickhouse
SPOTLIGHT REVIEW 11/19/48 Guest is Morton Downey * from Cover Story
SUPPER CLUB 2/6/61 Art Hellyer, Carol March, Bob Vegas Art Hellyer
SUPPER CLUB 2/24/61 Art Hellyer,Carol March, Bob Vegas Art Hellyer
SUSPENSE 5/23/43 Sorry Wrong Number * from Cover Story
SUSPENSE 11/18/48 Sorry Wrong Number Agnes Moorehead
SUSPENSE 11/25/48 The Screaming Woman Margaret O’Brien
TEX BENEKE 1/15/47 With the Glenn Miller Orchestra * from Cover Story
TEXACO STAR THEATRE 11/22/39 From Hollywood and New York Ken Murray
THAT OTHER GENERATION 1969 Sounds Sweet and Sour * from Cover Story
THIN MAN 7/6/48 Passionate Palooka * from Cover Story
THIN MAN 7/13/48 The Haunted Hams Les Tremayne
THIS IS YOUR LIFE Laurel and Hardy Sons of the Desert
TOM MIX 5/8/45 Secret Mission Don Gordon
TOWN HALL TONIGHT 3/10/37 With James Kelso * from Cover Story
TOWN HALL TONIGHT 3/17/37 St. Patricks Day * from Cover Story
TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES 11/29/47 Race to get to bed * from Cover Story
TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES 12/10/47 Disabled vet is surprised Hubert C. Smith
TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES 1/17/48 Guest is William Bendix Ralph Edwards
TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES 10/31/48 Guest is Boris Karloff * from Cover Story
VIC AND SADE 10/20/42 To the Stembottom’s * from Cover Story
VIC AND SADE 10/1/43 Letter from Aunt Bess * from Cover Story
VIC AND SADE 2/3/44 Vic and Sade play Rummy Bernadine Flynn
WHISTLER 9/15/48 Uncle Ben’s Widow Betty Lou Gerson
WILD BILL HICKOK 12/31/54 Happy New Year (Last show) Charles Lyon
WOODBURY HOLLYWOOD NEWS 1948 Guest is Spencer Tracy * from Cover Story
WOODY HERMAN 7/2/48 and his orchestra * from Cover Story
YOUNG WIDDER BROWN 9/5/50 Conversation with Dr. Loring George Ansbro
YOUR ALL TIME HIT PARADE 4/2/44 From Carnegie Hall Bea Wain
YOUR HIT PARADE 9/11/48 Starring Frank Sinatra Del Sharbutt
YOUR TUNE FOR THE DAY 1940s 5 minute program Two Ton Baker

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