Speaking of Radio

Chuck Schaden's Conversations with the Stars Who Made it Golden

(April 30, 2005) Part 1

The 35th anniversary program of Chuck Schaden’s long-running radio series was broadcast live from the LaSalle Bank Auditorium in Chicago. The four-hour program was heard on WDCB, Public Radio, College of DuPage. The broadcast was informally video taped by official Those Were The Days photographers Don and Nora Pointer and by Brian Johnson who also edited this presentation. Video highlights include a re-enactment of a Your Hit Parade program from 1944 with the Steve Cooper Orchestra; a Beverly Hills Beavers episode of the Jack Benny Program from 1953 with members of the Northlight Theatre Academy; a facsimile of a Coon-Sanders Nighthawks broadcast from 1929 with the West End Jazz Band; A Swingtime vocal medley by Skylarks Unlimited; and a Tribute to Big Bands Coast-to-Coast with the Steve Cooper Orchestra. Part 1 (28 minutes).

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