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TWTD Archive – April 8th, 1995

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Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, April 8, 1995

WORLD NEWS TODAY (4-8-45) Bob Trout and CBS newsmen bring us up to date on the WW II situation. “The Germans are fighting fiercely in the streets of Vienna, but the Russian troops are steadily closing in. … In the Pacific, the B-29s have returned to Japan with an air attack by substantial forces on the southern tip of the enemy homeland.”

FDR DEATH ANNOUNCEMENT (4-12-45) John Daly interrupts regular programming to announce the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

NEWS (4-12-45) Early coverage of the death of FDR featuring comments by Raymond Graham Swing, reports by David Wills, commentary by Baukhage.

SPECIAL REPORT (4-12-45) CBS correspondent Don Fisher reports from Warm Springs, Georgia with reaction from the area that served as FDR’s “Little White House.”  Speaking about the late president are representatives of America’s wire services: Merriman Smith of United Press; Harry Oliver of Associated Press; Robert Nixon of International News Service.

SPECIAL REPORT (4-12-45) Robert Trout of CBS speaks of the presidency of FDR and his Fireside Chats. “Franklin Roosevelt created much broadcasting history.  He was the first world statesman to use the radio as a vital instrument of social power. He used it in a personalized fashion…”

SPECIAL REPORT (4-12-45) From Washington D.C., CBS newsman Bill Henry talks about changes which occur in the official governmental life of the nation upon the death of a president and speaks of Harry Truman, “who, today, becomes the 32nd president of the United States.”

SPECIAL REPORT (4-12-45) Alistar Cooke, BBC Special Correspondent in the U.S., with news of the death of FDR as it was first heard in Britain from America.

CBS WORLD NEWS (4-12-45) John Daly with WW II news summary, Robert Trout with analysis. “Sudden death of President Roosevelt shocks world… Allied leaders pay tribute to President… Vice President Truman sworn in as President… Ninth Army crosses Alba River and moves ahead on road to Berlin… Japanese flyers make suicide attacks on Okinawa.”

NEWS (4-13-45) NBC’s Don Goddard reports:  “President Truman has decided to hold the San Francisco Conference on April 25 as scheduled… the Russians have captured Vienna.”

DORA BATEMAN (4-13-45) Via short wave from London, the BBC commentator speaks of the death of FDR, telling of English reaction to the news.

DEATH OF FDR (4-14-45) Description of the arrival from Warm Springs, Georgia of the Funeral train at Union Station in Washington.

FDR MEMORIAL SERVICE (4-14-45) Coverage of memorial services for President Roosevelt.  Russ Davis describes the scene in Chicago; Gene Dennis in Kansas City; Dick Bush in Dallas.

ARTHUR GODFREY (4-30-72)  At the close of his broadcasting career, Arthur Godfrey remembers his coverage of FDR’s funeral procession in Washington D.C. on April 14, 1945.

WHITE HOUSE FUNERAL SERVICE (4-14-45) Carlton Smith and Dwight Emery cover the White House funeral service for President Roosevelt.