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TWTD Archive – August 7th, 1993

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Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, August 7, 1993

ACADEMY AWARD (7-3-46) “The Maltese Falcon” starring Humphrey Bogart, Sidney Greenstreet and Mary Astor.

PRESIDENT FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT (7-28-43) A WW II Fireside Chat as FDR speaks on the fall of Mussolini: “The first crack in the Axis has come. The criminal, corrupt Fascist regime in Italy is going to pieces.”

FIBBER MC GEE AND MOLLY (5-11-43) Fibber gets a new barometer and predicts snow in May. WW II flavor.

PAUL SCHUBERT COMMENTARY (8-6-43) WW II discussion of news developments.

VICTORY PARADE OF SPOTLIGHT BANDS (8-28-43) Bob Crosby and his orchestra from San Francisco before a WW II military audience.

WORLD NEWS TODAY (8-8-43) Douglas Edwards and CBS correspondents with WW II news reports. “The American Seventh Army is now within 50 miles of Messina.”

ONE MAN’S FAMILY (12-20-50) Book 81, Chapter 18.

ONE MAN’S FAMILY (12-21-50) Book 81, Chapter 19.