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Chuck Schaden's Conversations with the Stars Who Made it Golden

TWTD Archive – February 19th, 1994

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Part 3

Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, February 19, 1994

JACK BENNY PROGRAM (2-20-44)  Jack entertains Groucho Mark; the gang appears in “The Gilroy Murder Case.”

SPEAKING OF RADIO The Jack Benny Program (2-19-94) Part three in the four-part series.

JACK BENNY PROGRAM (2-15-48) The Beverly Hills Beavers decide to hold a surprise birthday party for Jack, who is going to be 39.

WORLD NEWS TODAY (2-27-44) WW II news from the world’s political and battle fronts. “A Finnish communique reports that six hundred Russian planes bombed Helsinki last night causing fire and heavy damage.”

JACK BENNY PROGRAM (2-13-49)  Tomorrow is Jack’s birthday and he’s going to be 40! Jack’s sister Florence sends a birthday telegram.

JACK BENNY PROGRAM (2-20-49) Prior to Jack’s upcoming appearance on the Ford Theatre in “The Horn Blows at Midnight,” director Fletcher Markle stops by, as does producer Jack L. Warner.