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Chuck Schaden's Conversations with the Stars Who Made it Golden

TWTD Archive – February 22, 1997

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Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, February 22, 1997

JACK BENNY PROGRAM (10-23-49) Excerpt featuring Frank Nelson as a radio announcer.

LIFE OF RILEY (1-17-48) William Bendix stars as Riley, who is upset that his family is tying up the telephone line at home. Later, Riley turns on the radio to tune in to Ralph Edwards and the “Truth or Consequences” program.  Riley tries to guess the identity of the “Walking Man.”

JACK BENNY PROGRAM (3-20-55) Excerpt featuring Frank Nelson as a judge.

TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES (1-17-48) Guest William Bendix, in his character as Chester Riley, turns up on Ralph Edwards’ popular audience participation show. Later, Edwards makes the first calls in the new “Walking Man’ contest.

JACK BENNY PROGRAM  (10-13-46) Excerpt featuring Frank Nelson as a drug store waiter.

TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES (3-6-48) Host Ralph Edwards has a consequence for an army corporal, then makes a contest call to Mrs. Florence Hubbard of Chicago who correctly identifies Jack Benny as the “Walking Man.”

JACK BENNY PROGRAM (2-27-55) Excerpt featuring Frank Nelson as a TV wrestling announcer.

JACK BENNY PROGRAM (3-7-48) Jack is introduced as the “Walking Man” and there’s much talk about the fact that his identity as the mystery man was revealed on Ralph Edwards’ “Truth or Consequences” program last night. Jack and his writers (who did not know that Jack was the “Walking Man) stayed up all night rewriting this show!

JACK BENNY PROGRAM (3-14-48) Jack’s guests are Ralph Edwards and Mrs. Florence Hubbard of Chicago, winner of the “Walking Man” contest.