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TWTD Archive – January 27, 1996

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Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, January 27, 1996

OUR MISS BROOKS (10-24-48) Eve Arden stars as the Madison High School English teacher. Everyone conspires to “keep Miss Brooks from buying an alligator bag so we can give it to her on her birthday.” Gale Gordon is Mr. Conklin.

ESCAPE (3-14-48) “Log of the Evening Star” starring Jack Webb as the first mate of a South Seas schooner. A dead sea captain apparently has returned from his watery grave to reclaim his wife and ship.

ADVENTURES OF TOPPER (8-31-45) Roland Young stars as Topper, who feigns illness to avoid visiting his mother-in-law.

DORIS DAY SHOW (3-28-52) Doris welcomes Danny Thomas, her co-star in the movie “I’ll See You in My Dreams” as they recreate a scene from the film.

ROGUE’S GALLERY (4-4-46) Dick Powell stars as private detective Richard Rogue. A death house inmate wants Rogue to retrieve stolen jewels, get the reward and give the money to his daughter.

SCREEN GUILD THEATRE (8-12-46) “Devil and Miss Jones” starring Van Johnson, Donna Reed and Guy Kibbee. A millionaire masquerades as a clerk in his own department store to investigate employee complaints.