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TWTD Archive – January 4, 1997

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“The Cobra King Strikes Back” Chapters 1 thru 5

Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, January 4, 1997

Today we begin an exciting series by the great Carlton E. Morse, creator of I Love a Mystery and One Man’s Family.

“The Cobra King Strikes Back” (syndicated in 1944) is another adventure with San Francisco detective Captain Bart Friday and his sidekick Skip Turner who roam the world solving mysteries and seeking out danger.

There are ten 25-minute episodes in this thrill-packed adventure and we’ll broadcast the first five chapters today.  The remaining chapters will be presented on January 11.

Chapter 1 – Friday and Turner are on a steamship, taking a prisoner to Saigon.  Aboard ship, they meet Dr. Carter and his party who are on their way to Cambodia, in the heart of French Indo-China.  Friday’s troubles begin when his prisoner escapes.

Chapter 2 – “Something About the Hooded Snake”

Chapter 3 – “The Mad King of Ankar”

Chapter 4 – “The Temple of Gorillas”

Chapter 5 – “The Living Image of Cambodia”

–PLUS:  PLEASE STAND BY – A History of Radio (1986) Lesson 18: Case Closed focuses on the popularity of the detective program on the air, grouping the radio detectives according to personality and philosophy and discusses common criteria shared by the crime fighters of all groups and examines the differences in their approaches.