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TWTD Archive – January 7, 1995

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Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, January 7, 1995

FLYWHEEL, SHYSTER AND FLYWHEEL (1993) Program number 12, the final program in the series of re-enactments of the 1932 Marx Brothers radio show.

FIRESIDE CHAT  (1-6-45)  President Franklin D. Roosevelt reports to the nation during WW II in what would be his last Fireside Chat. He suggests the “drafting” of registered nurses into the Armed Forces.

JUNGLE JIM (4-23-44) This is the first of four selected episodes from the series dealing with World War II adventures in Japanese-occupied Malaya.

JUNGLE JIM (4-30-44) Second of four WW II episodes.

FIBBER MCGEE AND MOLLY (1-2-45) McGee isn’t too fond of Aunt Sarah until she sends a diamond stick pin.

JUNGLE JIM (5-7-44) Third of four consecutive WW II episodes.

JUNGLE JIM (5-14-44) Last of four WW II episodes.

WORLD NEWS TODAY (1-7-45) Douglas Edwards and correspondents with news of WW II. “The American First Army has gained three miles on the northern flank of the Belgium Bulge and has cut one of the two main roads supplying the Germans on that Front.”