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TWTD Archive – June 4th, 1994

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D-DAY, the SIXTH OF JUNE, 1944
Part 1

Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, June 4, 1994

FIRESIDE CHAT (6-5-44) President Franklin D. Roosevelt reports to the nation on the capture of Rome.  “Yesterday, on June 4, 1944 Rome fell to American and Allied troops.  The first of the Axis capitols is now in our hands.”

D-DAY NEWS SPECIAL (6-6-44) 2 a.m. EWT.  First unofficial reports of the invasion, without Allied confirmation. CBS.

D-DAY NEWS SPECIAL (6-6-44) 3 a.m. EWT.  Richard Harkness, Morgan Beatty, Robert St. John with more coverage of the invasion, but there’s still no Allied confirmation. NBC.

D-DAY NEWS SPECIAL (6-6-44) 3:32 a.m. EWT. First Allied news that the invasion has begun. Edward R. Murrow reads General Eisenhower’s Order of the Day to the troops of the invasion forces. H. V. Kaltenborn reports: “The final chapter in the history of the Second World War is being written.” NBC.

D-DAY NEWS SPECIAL (6-6-44) 4:15 a.m. EWT.  Correspondent Wright Bryan, first man to return to London from the invasion, offers an eyewitness description of the first parachute drop of the invasion. NBC.

D-DAY NEWS SPECIAL (6-6-44) 6 a.m. EWT.  Bob Trout brings listeners up to date on invasion news. Major George Fielding Elliott describes the tone of the invasion and mood of the troops. Trout tells of New York’s reaction to invasion news: churches open for special D-Day services; war plants have prayer services. “At last the liberation of the continent of Europe has started.” Charles Shaw, in London, has a dramatic account of the events surrounding the invasion. CBS.

D-DAY NEWS SPECIAL (6-6-44) 9 a.m. EWT. Correspondent Ed Haaker, “just back from a flight over part of the battle area with the Ninth Air Forces” tells of the treatment of news correspondents just prior to the invasion. NBC

OUR SPECIAL GUEST is former NBC correspondent ED HAAKER who recalls a momentous day in the history of World War II.

VALIANT LADY (6-6-44) 10 a.m. EWT.  Excerpt from one of the few regularly scheduled programs to be broadcast on this day. Announcer Dwight Weist urges listeners to buy war bonds.  CBS.

LIGHT OF THE WORLD (6-6-44) 10:15 a.m. EWT. Usually the “day-to-day story of the Bible” told in soap opera terms, this invasion day episode puts aside the regular continuing story to present stories of “man’s faith in God.”  CBS.

AUNT JENNY’S REAL LIFE STORIES (6-6-44) 11:45 a.m. EWT.  Announcer Dan Seymore says, “The long-awaited D-Day is here.”  Aunt Jenny, just returned from church, offers a prayer for the safety and success our men and boys in the invasion. Her regular story continues, but at the close of the broadcast Aunt Jenny has a World War II message for wives and mothers.  CBS.

KING GEORGE VI (6-6-44) 3 p.m. EWT. The King of England in a special broadcast to “his people at home and overseas” and throughout the United States of America.  He asks for prayers for peace and victory.