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TWTD Archive – March 12th, 1994

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Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, March 12, 1994

BIG STORY (5-25-47) George Petrie stars as Keeler McCartney, reporter for the Atlanta Constitution whose story about a crackdown on a lottery racket is dramatized.

FIBBER McGEE AND MOLLY (3-7-44) Fibber is writing a radio speech for the WW II Red Cross Campaign.

WORLD NEWS TODAY (3-12-44) Dougflas Edwards and CBS WW II correspondents. “American daylight raiders were back in action over the coast of France today, this time without escorting fighter planes. Last night’s RAF target was Homburg and other points in Western Germany.”

MAN CALLED X (9-26-48) “The Laughing Lady” stars Herbert Marshall as Ken Thurston.  Mr. X travels to Italy to investigate a circus he believes to be a front for the Mafia.  Last show of the series.

JACK BENNY PROGRAM (3-12-44) Another “stand-up” show before a WW II military audience at the Livermore, California Naval Air Station.

WORDS AT WAR (3-14-44) “Science at War” based on the book by George W. Gregg.  The story of men taming, controlling and enslaving the forces of Nature.  From the WW II series.

NOTE: KEN ALEXANDER substitutes for Chuck Schaden on this broadcast.