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TWTD Archive – March 2, 1996

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Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, March 2, 1996

THE FAT MAN (1-21-46) J. Scott Smart stars as the “hard-boiled criminologist who tips the scales at 247 pounds” in the first show of the series. The Fat Man is asked to hide a woman who is being followed.

FRED ALLEN SHOW (10-6-46) Fred’s first show of the 1946-47 season, introduced and narrated by two famous news commentators: Lowell Thomas and H. V. Kaltenborn. Features Portland Hoffa, the DeMarco Sisters, and the Allen’s Alley regulars.

FORT LARAMIE (5-6-56) Raymond Burr as Capt. Lee Quince of the U. S. Cavalry. A prejudice trooper learns a valuable lesson about white men and Indians.

VICTORY PARADE OF SPOTLIGHT BANDS (3-14-45) Charlie Barnet and his orchestra broadcasting from the U.S. Naval Receiving Station in Schumacher, California.

ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HARRIET (9-9-45) Ozzie and Harriet have an argument about reprimanding David when he gets into a fight with another kid.

THE FAT MAN (7-8-46) “The Black Angel” stars J. Scott Smart as the heavy-set detective who investigates when a man thinks his wife is cheating on him.