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TWTD Archive – March 4, 1995

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Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, March 4, 1995

FIBBER McGEE AND MOLLY (3-6-45) The McGees decide to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary while they’re still young enough to enjoy it!  WW II flavor.

PRESIDENT FRANKLIN  D. ROOSEVELT (3-1-45) The President of the United States reports to a Joint Session of Congress on his WW II, 14,000-mile trip to Malta (Jan. 30-Feb 2) and Yalta (Feb 4-11).  FDR seems tired, but relaxed, as he sits, rather than stands, to deliver what would be his last address to congress.

GREAT GILDERSLEEVE (2-15-45) Because of a WW II news report, the show does not start on time and we hear Harold Peary and Walter Tetley nervously ad-libbing before the studio audience for about six minutes before the show finally goes on the air. Gildy’s Aunt Hattie is his house guest.

WORLD NEWS TODAY (3-4-45) WW II news from CBS reporters. “The German army continues its retreat across the Rhine today, blowing big bridges across the river to prevent Allied armies from crossing after the enemy troops.  B29s have bombed Tokyo again in very great strength.  And on Iwo Jima, the Marines have almost split the Japs on the northern end of the island.”

WORDS AT WAR (3-6-45) “Rainbow,” a WW II story of Soviet citizens who became traitors and conspired with the German Occupation Force in exchange for gifts and liberties and how they were punished by the Red Army.