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TWTD Archive – May 1, 1971

We invite you to listen to a complete 4-hour program from the 39-year run of Those Were The Days (1970—2009) hosted by Radio Hall of Famer Chuck Schaden. The encore programs that run on this page are exactly as first broadcast over the air. They contain vintage radio shows, special guests and commercials and messages as originally presented on WLTD, Evanston (May 2, 1970 thru July 31, 1975); on WNIB, Chicago (September 6, 1975 thru February 10, 2001) and on WDCB, DuPage County (February 3, 2001 thru June 27, 2009). Encores are selected by us and are available on demand 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. Program selections are added every week on Saturday, 7a.m. Central Time.

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Originally broadcast on WLTD
Saturday, May 1, 1971

TROMAN HARPER, RUMOR DETECTIVE (12-20-42) The radio personality who tracks down rumors during World War II.  On this broadcast he asks “Do American GIs really have to eat alfalfa instead of vegetables?” And “Does a soldier lose his chance to become an officer after he’s been sent overseas?”

BLONDIE (1948) Penny Singleton and Arthur Lake as the Bumsteads, whose son Alexander decides to leave home and join the circus.

ACADEMY AWARD (9-11-46) “Shadow of a Doubt” starring Joseph Cotton in the story of a young girl who suspects her Uncle Charlie to be the “Merry Widow Murderer.”

AVENTURES OF SUPERMAN (2-5-45) An isolated episode of the long-running after-school series starring Bud Collyer as Clark Kent/Superman with Jackie Kelk as Jimmy Olson.

AMOS ‘N’ ANDY (4-3-39) Isolated, but important, episode starring Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll. Announcer is Bill Hay and organist Gaylord Carter. Andrew H. Brown is about to be married. The church is in readiness and during the ceremony, Andy is shot!