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Chuck Schaden's Conversations with the Stars Who Made it Golden

TWTD Archive – May 10, 1997

We invite you to listen to a complete 4-hour program from the 39-year run of Those Were The Days (1970—2009) hosted by Radio Hall of Famer Chuck Schaden. The encore programs that run on this page are exactly as first broadcast over the air. They contain vintage radio shows, special guests and commercials and messages as originally presented on WLTD, Evanston (May 2, 1970 thru July 31, 1975); on WNIB, Chicago (September 6, 1975 thru February 10, 2001) and on WDCB, DuPage County (February 3, 2001 thru June 27, 2009). Encores are selected by us and are available on demand 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. Program selections are added every week on Wednesday, 6 a.m. Central Time.

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Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, May 10, 1997

IMAGINATION THEATRE (5-5-96) 1. “The Bouganville Giant.” Natives on a South Pacific island are terrorized by a swarm of seven-foot moths which rest on an inactive volcano.  2. “Nightmare.”  A sky-diver repeatedly dreams his ‘chute doesn’t open, but his wife awakens him each time before he dreams that he hits the ground.

GREAT GILDERSLEEVE (5-9-43) Summerfield’s water commissioner has plans for a busy day at the office, but Leila – the future Mrs. Gildersleeve – has other plans. Harold Peary stars.

MAN CALLED X (9-18-47) Herbert Marshall stars as the globe-trotting secret agent Ken Thurston.  A plane carrying American scientists is mysteriously lost while flying from Singapore to Manila.

PHIL HARRIS – ALICE FAYE SHOW (10-10-48) Frankie Remley has signed a contract to be the star of the show and is throwing his weight around.

PLEASE STAND B Y – A History of Broadcasting (1986) Lesson 27: Listen and Learn examines the role of education in radio, beginning with college and university educational stations and their conflict with the commercial networks.