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TWTD Archive – May 23rd, 1992

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Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, May 23, 1992 

GREEN HORNET (5-23-42) “Invasion Plans for Victory” starring Al Hodge as Britt Reid, the Green Hornet. Reid and Kato are involved in a WW II mystery. 

THE HOME FRONT (1982) The final program in the 8-part WW II documentary series. “Victory – 1945.” 

HALLS OF IVY (5-21-52) Ronald and Bonita Colman as Dr. and Mrs. Hall of Ivy College. The school’s Mummy is missing. 

TEXACO STAR THEATRE (5-24-42) Fred Allen with guest Jack Haley. The “March of Trivia” discusses the WW II New York Dimout. Haley tries to get Fred to go back to Vaudeville with him. 

TREASURY STAR PARADE #6 (1942) Once again, Olson and Johnson and Carmen Miranda visit the WW II program. Robert Montgomery recites a wartime vignette, “Mrs. Murgatroid’s Dime.”