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TWTD Archive – May 6th, 1995

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V-E DAY – Part 1

Originally broadcast on WNIB
Saturday, May 6, 1995

VAN DEVENTER AND THE NEWS (5-7-45) Mutual Newscaster Van Deventer brings WW II coverage of the events surrounding the surrender of Germany.  “In many respects, this has been a lamentable day despite the fact it’s been celebrated throughout much of the world as V-E Day.”

PRESIDENT HARRY S TRUMAN (5-8-45) At 9 a.m. Eastern War Time, the President announces the unconditional surrender of Germany, the end of the war in Europe.  “This is a solemn but glorious hour… I only wish that Franklin D. Roosevelt had lived to witness this day.”  Mr. Truman reads his formal proclamation, appoints Sunday, May 13, 1945 a Day of Prayer.

V-E DAY, LONDON (5-8-45) Edward R. Murrow and Douglas Edwards report via short wave on the Day of Victory celebration in London. “This is London…” Murrow begins.

THIS IS V-E DAY (5-8-45) An “audio newsreel” dealing with the major events of WW II in Europe, produced by station WMPS, Memphis, noting that “there is still a long way to go before the final victory throughout the world.”

TOM MIX RALSTON STRAIGHT-SHOOTERS (5-8-45) An isolated episode of the long-running kids’ adventure show.  “The war in Europe ended today” says Tom.

HOLLYWOOD V-E DAY SPECIAL (5-8-45) A Victory Day special featuring Charles Boyer, Nelson Eddy, Pat O’Brien, Frank Sinatra, Shirley Ross, Mills Brothers, others.

GABRIEL HEATTER (5-8-45) The news commentator tells of the unconditional surrender of Germany and the fall of the Third Reich.

ON A NOTE OF TRIUMPH (5-8-45) Norman Corwin’s victory exclamation on the defeat of Hitler and the end of the war in Europe.