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TWTD Archive – November 21, 1971

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Originally broadcast on WLTD
Sunday, November 21, 1971

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 1 of the classic Christmas fantasy. It’s the story of Judy and Jimmy Barton as they search for the Silver Star for the top of their Christmas tree… with the help of Paddy O’Cinnamon, the cinnamon bear. (NOTE: The remaining 25 chapters of this adventure were scheduled to be heard twice daily on WLTD, Monday thru Friday from November 22 – December 24, 1971.)

OUR SPECIAL GUEST is TERRY BLACK of Springfield, Illinois, an old-time radio buff who did extensive research on The Cinnamon Bear and who talks about the series and the performers.

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN (2-8-45) Isolated episode of the series as the Man of Steel continues his fight against the Japanese during World War II.

CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT  (1938) A rare early episode of the series when it was sponsored locally by the Skelly Oil Company. Ed Prentiss as Red Roberts, who was Captain Midnight.

OUR SPECIAL GUEST is Chicago TV personality RAY RAYNER who stops by to reminisce about the comic strips of the good old days and sing a few songs based upon comic strip characters.

AIR ADVENTURES OF JIMMY ALLEN (1930s) Student pilot Jimmy Allen in a series broadcast over the now-defunct World Broadcasting System.

OUR SPECIAL GUEST is actress SHIRLEY BELL COLE who starred as Orphan Annie on radio in a short interview, recorded June 10, 1970, during which she sings the Orphan Annie radio theme song.

LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE (1938) Isolated episode as Annie and Joe Corntassle watch some shady characters dive for pearls. Shirley Bell as Annie, Alan Baruck as Joe.

DICK TRACY (1946) Isolated episode as Tracy works on the “Case of the Broken Window.”

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ALSO NOTE: A special THANKSGIVING DAY edition of Those Were The Days, originally broadcast on Thursday, November 25, 1971 will be added to this website November 23 – 25, 2016.